About Us

HyveMind, how did it all start and who are we?

How did it all start? 

In summer 2016 we are at a fancy Gala Ball diner. The event, the venue, the menu, the music and the vibe were all perfect. What we missed was a good, fast and modern service. It would take time to find a waiter and it would even take more time to receive the ordered drinks. 

For 4 years we dedicated our time by doing research and trying to improve the way serving is done at events. Listening and paying attention to guests, waiters, event holders, event planners and event managers we developed HyveMind: A digital solution to all event management issues.

Who are we?

Today we are a team skilled in different professions. The HyveMind systems are developed by engineers and designers with years of experience in automation, Internet of things, marketing research and branding.

"It's the details which make the difference"