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Photo Booth

A classic photo booth which is personalized and customised to fit in your event theme.

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  • Unlimited printing

  • Share to social media

  • Record short videos

  • Accessories

  • Branding

Serving System

A system where guest order using tablets. The order is automatically received at the Bar. The waiter only has to bring the order to the right guest.

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  • Save money

  • Customization and personalisation

  • Modifiable digital menu

  • Fast service 

  • Real time graphs and notifications

Guest Manager

When your guests want to check in, simply search their names or scan their tickets using any mobile device. 

  • Unlimited number of guests and devices

  • Real time synchronisation

  • No double booking

  • Map of the venue

  • Reliable & no paperwork.

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Photo Booth

After a great and memorable event, guests may want a souvenir to remind them of it. They may also wish to meet their host but not get the chance, this is why Hyvemind offers the following:

  • Unlimited printing

  • Take a 10 second video for the host

  • Unlimited copies of all videos and photos 

  • Customized background

  • Optional photobook

  • Share taken photos to the Hyvemind system and to social media

Serving System

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Guest Manager

Check-in guests using a set of synchronized devices and an optional display screen. Your benefits: 

  • Invited guests can be checked in the event by several people. This eliminates the long queues and waiting time, comes in handy when the weather is bad.

  • Guests can see where they are seated and who they are seated with on a detailed map of the venue. 

  • They can also see the location of various important facilities such as the bathroom or play area for children.